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PSR - CSR - Social Media (Closing the Gap)

TrustedCitizen encourages Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). TrustedCitizen is a social media tool that has aligned social responsibility frameworks to its core functionality, thus bringing unique and instant value for businesses. It bridges the gap between individual motivation to increase PSR, corporate strategy on CSR and how to use social media in the organization.

The category 'Social Responisbility' in TrustedCitizen is aligned with ISO26000. This makes it possible for the first time to bridge a bottom-up social media execution tool with bottom-down corporate strategy. This is something companies and organizations have struggled with for years in finding a sustainable solution for. According to recent studies, only about 37% of employees know and understand their companies' strategy. Why? Because the gap between top and bottom has been too big. Strategic plans are made by a few people on top and the people doing the work do not see the alignment between their objectives, tasks and Key Performance Indicators and the overall strategy or vision of the company as a whole. TrustedCitizen is here to address this gap in the market, bringing familiar and user friendly Web 2.0 social media technology into the workplace.

Personal Awareness and Personal Development with TrustedCitizen gives real ROI for companies

When corporate language barriers are broken down to individual goals that peers give instant feedback on, TrustedCitizen has unlocked a barrier to success. Openness, transparency and Trusted Citizens who interact. Sustainable goals that are socially responsible are being pushed up to strategic level by TrustedCitizen. Finding a formula that minimizes the gap between corporate strategy and individual execution has been and still is a major headache in toady's business world. TrustedCitizen encourages personal awareness and development and as a result, the excecutives' strategy initiatives are being fueled by real intellectual, spiritual, cultural and capital intelligence that will improve and develop for the better day for day, week for week, month for month, and year for year.

The Brand - TrustedCitizen as your personal or corporate marketing platform?

The brand, whether it is for you as an individual, organization or company will remain strong as you increase your TrustedCitizen Rating (TCR). Achieved goals are rewarded with TrustedCitizen points which are converted to donations to your favorite community or charity project and are at the same time being used for building your overall TCR, where the amount of points awarded depends on how your goals are rated in terms of difficulty level and how socially responsible they are. The TCR is based on trust and integrity and the scores are subject to a rating accuracy function that eliminates the risk of over- or under rating a goal on subjective terms. TrustedCitizen encourages you to promote your goals, getting feedback from other members and trusted connections. As a result, TrustedCitizen can also be used as your own personalised branding platform, or for marketing your organization's CSR image.

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TrustedCitizen is a social networking based arena for inter personal feedback and recognition, fostering and rewarding social awareness and social responsibility.
See our Elevator Pitch, our FAQ, or simply just Sign Up to learn more. An invite is required for signing up during the beta period.