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1. How does it work?
It's not very complicated. You submit and share your goals with people you trust, you work towards achieving your goals and you get rewarded when you have achieved them. TC points are awarded when a goal is achieved, and the points are used to support your favorite community or charity project. In other words, helping others achieve their goals - by achieving yours. That's the beauty of TrustedCitizen.

2. How do I sign up?
Once you have recieved an invitation via your email to sign up to TrustedCitizen from a friend or peer, follow the link in the email and fill in your details to create your TC profile. Submit your first goal and connect with friends, upload your TC profile picture and find an organization or a project that you would like to support.

3. How do I invite friends to TrustedCitizen?
We will be adding "invite your friends" functionality as soon as possible. For now, you are in an exclusive group of people that have been invited to try this out before everyone else.

4. Why English only?
We're based in Norway and are starting by targeting Norwegian users, so ideally we should have had a Norwegian version. However, TC is a global concept with a global vision, so we're starting off with English and will localize accordingly as we move forward. Please be patient.

5. I am having problems. What do I do?
TrustedCitizen is still in beta, and you may encounter some issues from time to time. Contact if you experience any problems - it's important that we hear about them! We can't promise that we will fix every single bug that is reported, and we can't promise that we will fix them in the right order, but we promise that we will do our best to make the site work as good as possible. Our goal is to make TrustedCitzen work well for all newer versions of the most common browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The current layout is not optimized for low screen resolutions, so bear with us if things aren't looking as good as you would expect.

6. What is TCR?
TCR stands for TrustedCitizen Rating and is the basis for your individual rating as a TrustedCitizen member. Your TCR determines your integrity based on trust in relation to your goal setting, goal monitoring, goal achievements and your standing in relation to other TrustedCitizen members. Number of TC points awarded when achieving a goal depends on how other TrustedCitizen members rate your goal both in terms of difficulty level and on how socially responsible the goal is. TrustedCitizen encourages you to set goals that will help others as well upon achievement. Undertaking an event to raise money for charity, or switching one of your weekly shopping items for a fair trade product are examples of goals that would give you a higher TCR as these are "socially responsible".

7. How does the TCR work?
It's quite simple. The more challenging and socially responsible your goals are, the more TC points are being awarded once you achieve them. The more points you get, the higher TCR. These are the basics, although there are other factors that come into play as well. Become a member and learn more.

8. How do I rate other members goals?
You can only rate goals belonging to your friends (or, in TC terminology, the people you trust). You rate according to how difficult or challenging the goal is, and how socially responsible the goal is. Our intention is to have members rate goals as "correctly" as possible, meaning you should rate according to your own honest opinion. There are mechanisms in place to ensure "correct" rating, and your rating accuracy is being measured and made visible to others.

9. How do you know if goals have been achieved?
A completed or achieved goal needs to be confirmed by one or several other TrustedCitizen members, depending on estimated score for the particular goal. Estimated score is converted to awarded TC points once the minimum number of people required have confirmed that the goal has been achieved. Transparency is key, and your confirmation is visible to everyone. Confirming something that isn't actually the case or isn't true will eventually hit back.

10. Am I eligble to tax relief for my contribution to charity?
No. That is, not when using TrustedCitizen and awarded TC points to support a project or a charity. You're not spending your own money (unless you want to make direct donations), which means you cannot claim tax relief on amounts contributed to charity as a result of awarded TC points. See our Terms of Use for further details.

11. Will TrustedCitizen claim tax relief for my contribution to charity?
No. Our slogan is to help others achieve their goals, by achieving yours. TrustedCitizen is the tool to make this come true, and claiming tax relief on contributions that take place as a result of our members achieving their goals wouldn't be right and would harm our image. We believe in transparency and openness.

12. So, what is really the value of TrustedCitizen?

  Value for individuals
The value for you to use TrustedCitizen is to share your goals with people you trust and have them rate your goals based on certain criteria. Over time this enables you to build up a social networking achievment vault that you can refer to in terms of integrity and trust which can be used to your advantage, for example in job interviews. By using TrustedCitizen, you are financially supporting your favorite community or charity project by simply achieving your own goals. In addition, TrustedCitizen serves as a source of inspiration for achieving your goals as other TrustedCitizen members can follow your progress towards achieving your goal while providing feedback and inspiring you accordingly.

  Value for groups, organizations or companies
TrustedCitizen has value for groups, organizations or companies as a tool for promoting your brand and relating it to your key business requirements. TrustedCitizen can be used as your organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) footprint. You may want to create more entusiasm among your fellow colleagues by anchoring your CSR goals with their individual goals created in TC and/or the 7 ISO 26000 guidelines for CSR. In this respect, Trusted Citizen brings powerful value in that companies are able to address their challenges by bridging the gap between strategy and action in their market segment or line of business. TrustedCitizen can therefore boost your public profile in society and help you in establishing a strong CSR foundation. Contact us at for any enquires related to the use of TrustedCitizen for companies or organizations.

13. How do I delete my TrustedCitizen account?
We don't want people to leave, but everyone is free to quit at any time. We don't have a "delete me" button yet and until we get one, please send an email to and let us know that you want your account deleted (don't hesitate to tell us why!) and we'll remove you. All user specific data will be deleted including personal information, all your goals and all your comments.

14. What are the #tags all about?
When submitting a goal or making comments you can use hastags to tag keywords or topics by prefixing your keyword with the # character. This means your goal will be grouped together with other goals sharing the same tag(s) and is trackable according to the tag(s) that you have added.

15. How can I assure that my goal is socially responsible?
As a TrustedCitizen member, you are encouraged to submit goals that are good for people around you, society or the environment. When submitting a goal you may choose the category Social Responsibility, which again provides the ISO 26000 topics and subjects choice. The goal will be marked - - to make it a more visible goal for the individual or company, group or organization.

TrustedCitizen is a social networking based arena for inter personal feedback and recognition, fostering and rewarding social awareness and social responsibility.
See our Elevator Pitch, our FAQ, or simply just Sign Up to learn more. An invite is required for signing up during the beta period.