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Why and how do TrustedCitizen encourage Social Responsibility?

TrustedCitizen and the TrustedCitizen Rating (TCR) define Social Responsibility as how well members are able to achieve goals that are aligned with ISO 26000.

TrustedCitizen has done this by integrating social media with international relations agreements on Social Responsibility. In this way, all TC members who choose to work towards achieving socially responsible goals are able to anchor the goal itself onto an internationally recognizable platform.

Why ISO 26000 and not any other ISO or CSR framework?

ISO 26000 is in its infancy, having been released in November 2010 and the common conception is that it will encourage voluntary commitment to Social Responsibility and will lead to common practice on concepts, definitions and methods of evaluation. ISO 26000 describes itself as a guide for dialogue and language, not a constraining or certifiable management standard.

What is ISO 26000?

ISO 26000 provides guidance to all types of organizations, regardless of their size or location, on
   concepts, terms and definitions related to Social Responsibility
   the background, trends and characteristics of Social Responsibility
   principles and practices relating to Social Responsibility
   the core subjects and issues of Social Responsibility
   integrating, implementing and promoting socially responsible behaviour throughout the organization and,
    through its policies and practices, within its sphere of influence
   identifying and engaging with stakeholders, and
   communicating commitments, performance and other information related to Social Responsibility

What is the value and future developments of TCR vs ISO 26000?

ISO 26000 is not intended to prevent the development of national standards that are more specific, more demanding, or of a different type.

The TCR - ISO 26000 integration in itself makes TrustedCitizen unique and valuable over time as it will enable users to track, monitor, have their goals rated, and get rewarded based on their goal achievement and their Social Responsibility credibility in society. The TCR gives a firm indicator as of how reliable, effective and legitimate ISO 26000 is in practice and whether it should be transformed from a voluntary guideline to a certified standard.

For more information on ISO 26000 please visit

For more information or questions about how your company or organization can benefit from adapting the TCR please contact us at

TrustedCitizen is a social networking based arena for inter personal feedback and recognition, fostering and rewarding social awareness and social responsibility.
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